Melanie Reiter

Chase is amazing!!! 

He took an hour out of his day to share his yoga practice with me and a couple friends at the beach. 

Chase not only had fluid sequences but the whole way through he was able to put my mind at ease through his relaxing tone of voice, guiding us through a meditation state, letting us set our intention for the session. 

Which is what yoga is truly about.

Chase would also show us alternative poses, staying aware that some may be a bit more difficult for others. 

By the end of the last pose after a few minutes of meditation, he asked how our bodies felt and even wanted feedback on how he did teaching us, as he is always willing to learn and improve.... so here I am! 

It made me so happy to see how happy Chase was during the session! He is very passionate about what he does. His love spreads so far!!!

Lee Galloway

I've had massages by many people, but none can hold a candle to a massage by Chase...it is awesome! It's not just a massage. it is a holistic experience which takes me away from the world. He has just the right touch and pressure and spends just the right amount of time where it's needed. I feel physically and mentally refreshed afterwards. I am impressed by the fact that, even though he is as good as he is...as a professional, he still keeps working to continually improve. Chase is awesome!

Amber Del Pozo

Chase performed an amazing hot stone massage the night before my wedding. He has an amazing touch and can easily make you comfortable. He has the great ability to set the tone for a relaxing massage with the music and other touches. U would recommend sun chaser wellness anytime you want to rejuvenate and get one amazing massage!

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